Snedkeriet KBH is one of the last joineries in Copenhagen.
Located next to Amalienborg we create and design unique solutions to our customers need.
We find deep inspiration in the Nordic design tradition and combines it
with a personal take.

Køkken - Egetræ - Håndsinkede skuffer

Custom Joiner Kitchens

When you choose that your next kitchen should be a joiner kitchen, you have the perfect option to make it personal. The kitchen is an important room in our everyday life and therefore it is important that you choose the right one; the right materials, elements and design. Kitchens come in endless designs which is why your visions and dreams are important to us: we are here to design and build your dream kitchen.


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Our handcrafted interior designs and furniture are inspired by a strong Nordic design tradition. Designer Bjarke Godsk Trandbohus focus on quality and details and aim to combine a unique look with high functionality.

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Indbygget Reol – Forramme Reol – Fyldningslåger

Integrated Shelves

At Snedkeriet KBH, we design integrated shelves that underline your personality. Our handcrafted shelves combines great storage and quality with an aesthetic design.

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Integrated wardrobes and cabinets are ideal solutions if you seek to underline a specific atmosphere in your room.

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